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Asteroid Astrology – Ceres, Juno, and More

Asteroid Astrology

The asteroid astrology is primarily named after Greek and Roman mythological figures because they are believed to embody many of the archetypes inherent to these stories.

In contrast to the disproportionate use of male-planetary energies in our solar system, numerous asteroids are named after female deities.

By incorporating more excellent dimensions of feminine power into the astrological lens, we can discover profound truths about humanity and ourselves.

As opposed to the more dominant energies of the planets, asteroids frequently elicit more nuanced reflections in a person’s life.

Although there are more than a million asteroids in our solar system, only a handful have gained the attention of many practicing astrologers.

What effect do asteroids have on energies during transit?

When it comes to transits, it depends on how each asteroid is moving through our natal chart.

We can identify highly nuanced and sensitive moments concerning the house that the asteroid rules.

The same holds if the asteroid adds to any significant points in our charts.

However, because asteroids are not as potent as planets, the sphere of influence is commonly perceived to be more condensed when connecting to a natal point or planet.

It is when the expression will have the most significant impact.


  • As the nurturing asteroid, Ceres is associating with the Greek goddess Demeter, who lost her daughter Persephone to the underworld’s god Hades.
  • Due to these stories, Ceres is frequently associated with maternal and earthly energy, as opposed to the Moon, which is associating with maternal emotional energy.
  • Ceres reflects how we practice self-care and self-nurturing, as well as what we need from others to feel cared for. Ceres can occasionally reflect cycles of loss and return.


  • Pallas, the asteroid of intelligence, was associating with the Greek goddess Athena.
  • She possessed intellectual and warrior-like strength but frequently won battles through strategy rather than brute force or brutality.
  • This asteroid reveals an individual’s approach to problem-solving and victory strategy.
  • When we are requiring to think creatively on our feet, this vibration empowers our inner warrior spirit and can also be linking to creative thought.


  • As the asteroid of commitment, Juno was associating with Hera, the wife of Zeus, the mighty but unfaithful king of the gods
  • With her clear ties to marriage, weddings, and monogamy, Juno sheds light on what motivates us to be in a relationship and any traumas associated with personal attachment.
  • In addition, this asteroid can occasionally reveal the qualities required in a long-term partner.


  • Vesta was associating with the virgin goddess Vesta and the Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome as the spiritual asteroid.
  • This asteroid’s energy also reflects where we are self-reliant and devote ourselves entirely: to a cause, a person, or a project.
  • It is often a deeply personal sense of inner light, how we surrender to a greater power.
  • And how we use it as an inner fire to survive against all odds and pursue our authentic sense of self.


  • Chiron, perhaps the most well-knowing asteroid, is known as “the Wounded Healer.”
  • In Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur who was an exceptional healer and educator.
  • This asteroid frequently reveals where we had endured painful or traumatic experiences, mainly when we were young or as children.
  • And how we have transformed these circumstances for the benefit of others and ourselves.
  • While Chiron can shed light on our deepest insecurities, he can also assist us in overcoming them.

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