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Top 7 Cities With Beautiful Boardwalks And Promenades

What can be better than walking along a picturesque waterfront? Here are the seven world’s beautiful boardwalks and promenades.

Yokohama Waterfront (Yokohama, Japan)

Sometimes you can’t even believe that the sea is just a stone’s throw away because you’ll be surrounded by forest and skyscrapers. But just a 10-minute walk travelers can see one of the most popular places in Japan – modern buildings on one side and harbor cranes on the other. Want some entertainment? Then go test your courage on the 112-meter Ferris wheel and have fun at Luna Park.

And those who are attracted by urban landscapes should climb to the roof of the passenger terminal. From there, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Tokyo Bay, Mount Fuji-san, and the Yokohama Bay Suspension Bridge. Even the project of the casino resort in Yokohama still hasn’t been realized, there is a lot to do in the waterfront area. And you can always return to your hotel and gamble. at https://bitcoincasinos-au.com/.

Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

This is the so-called calling card of Rio de Janeiro. It looks especially spectacular on New Year’s Eve when thousands of people gather on the beaches and incredible fireworks lights appear over the water. Copacabana became popular in the 50s of the last century when it became a place of inspiration for many creative artists. Nowadays, the constantly renewed sand figures give it a special flavor. These are real works of art. World celebrities such as Elton John and The Rolling Stones gave their concerts on Copacabana beach.

Barcelona’s Waterfront (Spain)

It is hard to believe that not so long ago on the place of the promenade, there was only a port and an untold number of warehouses. But in the 90’s the cargo port decided to move and make a promenade. The reason for this was the upcoming Olympic Games (they were held in Barcelona in 1992). One of the most spectacular places here is the drawbridge. It is opened every time it is necessary to let yachts into the port.

You can also look at a huge number of sculptures. For example, “smiling shrimp”, the 18-meter composition “David and Goliath”, and “stargazers”, which are white buoys welcoming ships. But the Spaniards decorated not only the waterfront with sculptures but also the sea in which the works of art are floating.

Promenade de la Croisette (Cannes, France)

Promenade de la Croisette is known, first of all, for the Cannes Film Festival palace located on it. Every year there you can watch movie celebrities parade down the red carpet. And not far away, in the port, travelers also look with interest at the yachts and liners on which they arrive. In general, the spirit of luxury life always lives here. Comfortably seated on blue armchairs along the Croisette, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Lérins Islands

 Tayelet (Tel Aviv, Israel)

The beaches at Tel Aviv’s promenade (“Taelet” in Hebrew) are perfect. They are properly cleaned and sifted sand, and about the availability of amenities for recreation can not even worry. Loungers, showers, and changing rooms are abundant. There are also a lot of beautiful buildings.

Architecture, although modern, will certainly fascinate connoisseurs of beauty. The locals recommend starting your walk from the port of Jaffa. Incredibly beautiful landscapes relax and give inspiration. For shopping lovers, Tayelet is home to a large number of modern shopping centers and boutiques.

Atlantic-City Boardwalk (Atlantic City, USA)

This is one of the few promenades in the world that is paved not with paving stones or perfectly smooth asphalt, but with wooden planking.  Paired with unusual brightly colored buildings, it creates a special, homey atmosphere. Atlantic City Broadwalk is also home to an oceanarium, an amusement park, and a large number of free museums. If sightseeing tires you out, you can always escape to the cozy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

Marine Drive (Mumbai, India)

You won’t see old abandoned buildings here, everything is very neat and modern. Marine Drive starts at the end of Nariman Point and stretches for 4 km. It is home to the country’s largest aquarium where you can see over 100 species of freshwater fish and plants. In the evening, Marine Drive is dotted with thousands of brightly colored lights that look like strings of pearls. For this, the waterfront is often referred to as the “Queen’s Necklace”.

Inspired by the world’s most beautiful promenades? Then find the opportunity to see everything with your own eyes and enjoy an incredible vacation.

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