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In this Article you can get more information about blog.vncallcenter.com. We have developed blog posts based on research and best practices for people to help you with that, processes, and technology to improve customer’s experiences doing business with call center and employees working in call center. SQM is devoted to help call centers to improve their First Call Resolution, customer and employee experience, and lower their operating cost.

What separates our call center customer service blogs from other organizations is that they are based on customer, employee, and operational research. SQM blogs are based on our research for conducting over 500 VoC benchmarking studies with leading North American call centers on customer service on an annual basis.

What is Call Center Technology?

What is Call center Technology?

Call center technology is software and hardware that inbound and outbound call centers use to facilitate their day-to-day calling activities.

Inclusive of phone system features as minimum, call center technology also includes features that enable more compelling customer experience than simply answering the phone. Using functionality like call queuing, auto attendant, and supervisor features, call center technology empowers team to provide better, well-rounded customer service.

All center technology has come on increases and restraints from the traditional setup of shut-off booths and agents juggling corded phone. At one end, there’s still a huge part for desk-based agents to play. Nothing will ever replace impact of human empathy and genuine connection.

But, at other end, we see self-service, automation, and even artificial intelligence feature in modern contact center solutions. It’s combination of these and everything in between that set scene for modern call center. While it may seem stretch from call center of the 90s and 00s, the evolution of call center technology bring better customer experience and more profitable bottom line.

Blogs to Follow About the Contact Center

Blogs to Follow About the Contact Center

List of best blogs to follow so that you’re always up-to-date with latest tips, trends, and technologies in this space.

1. AspectAspect

Aspect’s blog shares and comments on technology news, trends, real-life customer experience, and best practice organizations taking up the power of unified communication across contact centers. At Aspect, you’ll find countless up-to-date entries by host bloggers focusing specifically on the contact center industry.


USAN’s blog titled “Engage”  complete collection of post divided into four sub-blog: omnichannel, contact center, workforce optimization, and customer self-service (IVR). Its call center sub-blog has 45 categories to choose from across critical areas. USAN has no shortage of insightful entries to choose from contact center professionals.

3. The Call Center School

The Call Center School is armed with e-learning tutorial for contact center agent to help them remain on cusp of customer service technique. So, it makes sense that this blog geared toward assisting companies to assess whether their agents require additional training or need refresher help turn their contact center agents into lead creators.

4. Monet Software

Monet Software


Monet Software’s blog updates almost daily and provides practical information on all Aspect of workforce management for contact center, including quality monitoring, call recording, performance management and analytics.

5. Ameyo

It provides consistent weekly updates about contact center technology, best practices, and agent engagement techniques. The blog tends to favor ‘listicle’ format and include infographics that help break down most complex contact center concern into seamlessly consumable content.

6. Contact Center Pipeline

Contact Center Pipeline Logo Contact Center Pipeline is monthly journal focused on the specific need and challenge of contact center. Their contributor provide unique understanding of what makes the call center organization’s service delivery bring into line customer experience and ensuring long-term business success.


ICMI LogoChock full of sophisticated resource, ICMI has curated blog with wide range of guest bloggers in contact center space. You’ll frequently find informative new content from diverse group of influencer, plus interactive polls and forum offering lively discussion.

8. Envision


Envision is one-stop-shop for informed and up-to-the-minute contact center wisdom. It is split into five sections and offers content customer service, agent performance, contact center technology, and coaching technique.

Call Center Customer Service Blogs You Need to Read

The SQM call center industry blog is an excellent way to enhance thinking and inform you about new call center research, tips, and best practice for delivering superior customer service. SQM blog based on benchmarking and tracking customer service performance over 500 leading North American call centers.

Furthermore, SQM blogs answer questions about what people, processes, and technology highest-performing call center use to deliver excellent customer service. We recognize that many blogs are available to read in the marketplace, so to save time, we have put together our top 10 customer service blogs for you to read.

SQM is considered best source for call center blog on First Call Resolution (FCR), customer service and employee experience research, proven best practice improving FCR, Customer Satisfaction (Csat), NPS, and cost. SQM, Over 70% of call center clients improve FCR and Csat year over year using best practices described blog.

1. First Call Resolution Complete Guide

First Call Resolution Complete Guide

First Call Resolution (FCR) blog is Complete guide defining, measuring, tracking, benchmarking, and improving FCR deliver excellent call center customer service at lowest cost. Most call centers aim to provide great customer service at the lowest cost. This

The FCR guide developed base SQM Group’s over 25 years of measuring, benchmarking, and improving FCR leading North American call center. SQM consider thought leader and gold standard for call center industry to measure and improve FCR. In addition, SQM is research firm that invented VoC FCR and brought it to marketplace. Call center FCR comprehensive guide will answer following primary (5) First Call Resolution and related question.

Discover the following:

1. What is FCR?

2. Why is FCR Important?

3. How to Measure FCR?

4. How to Improve FCR?

5. How to Measure FCR Using QA Software?

2. Customer Satisfaction Comprehensive Guide

Customer Satisfaction Comprehensive Guide

Customer satisfaction (Csat) blog full guide for defining, measuring, tracking, benchmarking, and improving customer satisfaction deliver excellent call center customer service. There is strong business case for call center make every effort to improve or deliver great customer service. They are determining customer service challenging without measuring Csat. After all, letting customer judge their customer service is most accurate way to assess Csat. It sound simple to let customer be judge for service they experienced and use feedback to improve; however, it is difficult for many call center manager to let customer be judge.

3. Agent VoC Performance Management is Number One Best Practice for Improving FCR and CX

Agent VoC Performance Management is Number One Best Practice for Improving FCR and CX

This blog share SQM’s research showing that call center executing an agent (VoC) Performance Management system improve their FCR and Csat performance by as much as 10%. Moreover, this FCR improvement occur in 30 days or less, even in large call center. Also, for average call center SQM benchmarks, 1% improvement in FCR equals $286,000 annual operational saving.

Furthermore, implementing VoC Performance Management System has one of quickest way to improve FCR and has significantly increased FCR performance. It has also been most consistent best practice for improving FCR. Moreover, agent VoC Performance Management System use VoC metrics such as FCR, call resolution, and Csat based on post-call survey data for creating agent accountability, performance reporting, improvement plan, annual performance evaluation, and compensation pay.


Whether you manage small business call center or worldwide contact center, customer satisfaction should always be priority, and you should use as many tools and systems as possible to confirm this.

By offering personalized solution and instant working system that enables the center to solve queries quickly and easily, you can sheltered loyal clients who feel confident that, if they call, you will do whatever it takes to solve their problems.

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