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DC League of Super-pets Showtime

What is DC League of Super-pets Showtime

DC League of Super-pets Showtime: Dwayne Johnson stars as voice of Krypto Super-Dog in Warner Bros. Picture’ animated action-adventure feature film “DC League of Super-Pet,” from director Jared Stern.

DC League of Super-pets Showtime

In “DC League of Super-Pets,” Krypto the Super-Dog and Superman are attached best friends, sharing the same superpower and fighting crime in Metropolis. When Superman and rest of Justice League kidnapped, Krypto must convince the rag-tag shelter pack—Ace the hound, PB potbellied pig, Merton the turtle, and Chip squirrel—to master their newfound power and help him rescue superheroes.

Stern’s creative team include production designer Kim Taylor (“The LEGO® Ninjago Movie”) and Editor David Egan (“Game Night,” “Vacation”) and Jhoanne Reyes (“Teen Titans GO!” “Young Justice”). The music is by Steve Jablonsky (the “Transformers” films).

Warner Bros. Picture Presents A Seven Buck Production, “DC League of Super-Pets.” Warner Bros. Pictures will release the film in theater internationally beginning 18 May 2022 and in North America on May 20, 2022.

The Plot

“DC League of Super-Pets” center on devote pair of Krypto Super-Dog and Superman, who share superpower and collaborate to combat crime in bustling Metropolis. However, their unshakable bond tested when Superman and the rest of Justice League unexpectedly abducted. It’s now Krypto’s turn to rise to occasion and harness his power to rescue his superhero mate.

The Cast

The film statement is a remarkable joint cast, with an expert actor giving life to the animated character. Dwayne Johnson lend his voice to Krypto the Super-Dog, while funny Kevin Hart assume role of Ace hound. Kate McKinnon adds comedic brilliance as PB portly DC League of Super-Pets pig, and John Krasinski portray iconic Superman. With such stellar cast, audience anticipates dynamic and entertaining performance.

Showtime and Availability

Showtime and Availability

To catch “DC League of Super-Pets” at nearby theater, examine available Showtime. The film offer exciting experience suitable for both children and adult, making it an ideal family outing. With multiple screenings throughout the day, you must select time that aligns with the schedule. Don’t miss out on this highly anticipated animated adventure!

How to Find Showtime

Locating Showtime for “DC League of Super-Pets” is straightforward process. You can visit the local theater’s official website or utilize popular ticketing platform like Atom Tickets. This platform offers a user-friendly interface where you search for movies and browse through available Showtime. DC League of Super-Pets Simply input location, and you’ll receive list of theater along with their respective Showtime.

Plan Your Superhero Pet Adventure

Plan Your Superhero Pet Adventure

Now that you know how to find “DC League of Super-Pets” showtimes, it’s time to plan superhero pet adventure. Here are some tip to make most of movie experience:

Buy Tickets in Advance: Popular movies sell out quickly, so purchasing tickets in advance is a good idea to secure seats.

Arrive Early: Arriving little early allow to grab favorite snack, find perfect seat, and enjoy pre-show entertainment.

Invite Friends and Family: Watching “DC League of Super-Pets” is more fun when you have friend and family by side. Share excitement with loved ones.

Enjoy Merchandise: Many theaters offer exclusive movie merchandise. Consider picking up some superhero pet-themed goodies to remember adventure.

Stay Safe: Don’t forget to follow any safety guidelines or health protocols at the chosen theater. Safety first!

“DC League of Super-Pets” is gearing up for spectacular superhero pet adventure you won’t miss. You were finding Showtime breeze with the help of local theater, online ticketing platform, and running option. So, gather super-pals and prepare for an epic cinematic experience with Krypto, Ace, and the super-pet gang!

Who Is the Cast of DC League of Super-Pets?

Who Is the Cast of DC League of Super-Pets?

As with most popular animated movies, voice actors in DC League of Super-Pets are all famous Hollywood actor. In Black Adam, next big DC movie, Dwayne Johnson plays Krypto, Superman’s best friend and pet dog. Superman himself voice by John Krasinski.

Kevin Hart gives Ace voice, and Keanu Reeve does an excellent job as Batman. Natasha Lyonne (Russian Doll) plays Merton, Diego Luna (Andor) plays Chip, Vanessa Bayer (Ibiza) is playing PB, and Kate McKinnon (Ghostbusters) plays Lulu. Marc Marion (Joker), voice of Lex Luthor, and Green Lantern play by Dascha Polanco (Orange Is New Black). Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley), Ben Schwartz (Sonic Hedgehog), and Jameela Jamil (The Good Place) have also cast in role that hasn’t reveal.


“DC League of Super-Pets” must-see animated adventure that brings together beloved superheroes and their furry companions. With its captivating plot, stellar cast, and availability at various Showtime, this film guarantees an enjoyable experience for entire family. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness action-pack journey of Krypto the Super-Dog as he teams up with Superman to save the day. Grab popcorn and brace yourself for thrilling ride!

Double-check the showtimes at local theater or via popular ticketing platform to ensure you don’t miss out on this animated spectacle. Whether you’re an Amazon Prime member, “DC League of Super-Pet” offers an exciting cinematic experience that will leave you desire for more—DC League of Super-Pets.

So, please mark calendar and prepare to join League of super-pets in their quest to rescue world. It’s Showtime!

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