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Gcchub.co – Plans and Innovations

Gcchub.co: Global Crypto Community (GCC) is the vital crypto community that keenly monitors the most significant elements in the cryptosphere. GCC participate in activity carried out by cryptocurrency enthusiasts, miners, developers, investors, and entrepreneurs worldwide.

GCCHUB – Company Information

GCCHUB - Company Information

The primary aim of the community is to gather news, know of developments, be aware of executed ideas, and look out for intelligent investment strategies to enhance the crypto community. There are many aspects of a crypto community. GCC covers all the significant elements required to lead the cryptosphere from the front and guide the cryptonians toward the right way forward. GCC is the leading force behind the most successful ICOs shaping the cryptoverse.

As one of the highest-membered crypto communities, GCC has become a crypto network platform. From staking to advising on power nodes, GCC considers the tiniest detail required to create a robust and self-dependent crypto community. GCC led by team of skilled squads of crypto experts, blockchain developers, and advisors from the best of people from the crypto arena. Vision & Mission: The community aims to expand and diversify the different cryptosphere verticals by 2020.

What is GccHub?

What is GccHub?

Learn Crypto

GCChub is the platform to stake crypto and gain passive income through rewards. Find the best projects to post and and connect with network of educators and also leaders in crypto.

Promote Crypto

GCChub provides some POS and masternode staking options and lets you identify suitable projects to stake and maximize rewards. GCChub’s extensive network of educators and leaders in the community helps you learn about cryptocurrencies and also the different staking options they provide. Therefore, it had humble beginnings, over the year, GCChub has evolved into a trusted crypto-staking platform for thousands of users across the globe. Both the GCChub platform and also community are the result of vision to build the most significant crypto community in the world through education and also empowerment.

How does it Work?

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  1. Join the world’s leading crypto community

leading the crypto revolution.

  1. Register

Register on GCChub in few simple and easy steps.

  1. Stake

I am staking crypto for any time I choose to start earning rewards.

  1. Rewards

The best contributors and participants receive additional bonus reward.

  1. Recognition

Be flat figure and an influencer within the community.


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GCChub is gateway to everything crypto. Stake, get rewards, and find the best people within crypto community.

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Goldman Sachs plans expansion in India and opens new GCC hub in Hyderabad

Goldman Sachs plans expansion in India and opens new GCC hub in Hyderabad

Since 2006, Goldman Sachs has invested over $7 billion in India. The bank inaugurated the Bengaluru office in 2004. Today, combined with Bengaluru facility, India stands as Goldman Sachs’ largest talent hub, boasting over 9,000 employees, second only to its New York headquarters.

American investment bank Goldman Sachs announced the launch of new global capability center (GCC) in Hyderabad on Thursday. Thus, with space for approximately 2,500 professionals, the new center will serve as center of excellence for client onboarding activities and establishing enterprise partnerships.

India is GCC Hub for the World. Will Drive the Innovation & Digital Landscape

A recent report by NASSCOM-ANSR predicts nearly 80 percent of the top 100 global retail/CPG companies will set GCCs in India by 2022. The report also estimate that over 25 new GCCs in the retail/CPG industry are looking to establish their centers in 2021, tapping into a mature talent ecosystem and global operating model. The report mentions that the number of GCGs set up over the last five years has picked up pace, with the majority of investment in digital and innovation space in India.

Retail/CPG companies increasingly drive innovation from their GCCs by establishing labs and also leveraging the startup ecosystem. Indeed, with government’s effort and various initiatives, India is emerging as global startup destination. The government has created an exhaustive ecosystem, starting various incubation centers to incubate, help network, and fund the most viable idea.

Organization like NITI Aayog, Atal Innovation Mission, and others instrumental in making country an innovative startup destination. All these and many more contributed to making India one of most sought-after startup destinations. Bengaluru alone host over 70 percent of retail/CPG GCCs and also remain the most preferred destination for GCC.

Nexdigm, an international professional service firm, said India is home to over 1,750 GCCs, account for 50 percent of all such centers globally. It also states that GCCs employ over one million professionals in India, generating total economic value of around $28.3 billion. Conversely, the NASSCOM-ANSR report says that 25 percent of global retail/CPG companies base in India employ over 50,000 professionals in the country alone. With ability to hire top talent, GCCs are supporting the effort of global retail/CPG companies to build robust pool of enterprise talent.


As Global Crypto Community  is the vital crypto community that monitors the most significant elements in cryptosphere. It’s extensive network of educators and leaders in the community help you learn about cryptocurrencies and the different staking options, gateway to everything crypto. Stake, get rewards, and find the best people within crypto community.

Our vision seeks to make the community as big as possible by attracting the right contributors. So, to make the community and its contributors financially stable, every contributor will become financially stable in 2020.

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