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Insta Looker: Instagram is popular social media platform that allow user to share photos and videos with followers. For enterprise companies, it’s invaluable tools for engaging customers, showcasing products or services, and driving brand awareness. By leveraging Instagram, businesses can reach wider audience, foster brand loyalty, and generate leads.

What is a looker?

What is Looker?

Looker is powerful business intelligence (BI) and data visualization platform that enable enterprises to analyze, explore, and share real-time data insight. The customizable and scalable tool helps companies make data-driven decision, optimize processes, and monitor performance. Using Looker, businesses can comprehensively understand their data, uncover hidden trends, and drive growth.

How to View Private Instagram Profile?

How to View Private Instagram Profile?

Enter Profile Username

First step to spy private Instagram profile to enter target profile username (Instagram ID) like Instagram.com/****, or you can only use username “****.” For quick decryption of profile, avoid error while entering username — no need to enter complete URL.

Hit The Start Viewer

After inserting username, click the Start Viewer button to initiate the profile’s decryption procedure. Wait for 2-3 minutes to finish it. Just sit on couch and witness process to done! Instalooker can ask for human verification, so verify and jump onto next step.

View Result Online

Finally, you are going to view what you landed here. Spy any photos and video of targeted account without downloading anything. Do you want to download picture and videos to watch later? You will get tri to view private Instagram account.

View Private Instagram Without Human Verification

iew Private Instagram Without Human Verification

Below, we list some apps to view private Instagram without Human Verification. But as said above, even though they are a free remote Instagram viewer, some work without human surveys, whereas few work only with human verifications. Since our readers inform us that few of them ask for survey, we no longer recommend any services asking for the survey. But some offer free options to view Instagram posts of some of the most searched Instagram profiles.

List of Private Instagram Viewer Apps

As mentioned, one of the most asked questions is best Private Instagram Viewer Without Human Verification. In this article, we are listing more best working Instagram private profile viewer app and Instagram Story viewer apps you can use, including InstaFreeView, VidLoader, Glassgram, IgAnony, Gwaa Private Instagram Viewer, LikeCreeper, Istaprivate, Insta Looker, InstaDPS, Private Photo Viewer, ImageRocket, and Private Insta Viewer, Instagram, Ghostegro, etc.

Before proceeding further, please note that most of the tools the profile view option offers are not 100% available without verification. The private Instagram viewer with no verification option is not working with most devices. So, most recommended way to viewpersonal Instagram profile is genuine and legitimate.

InstaFreeView – Free Instagram Photo Viewer

InstaFreeView – Free Instagram Photo Viewer

InstaFreeView is the first free Instagram profile viewer app offering free profile viewing. This tool provide free profile viewing without survey and verification. InstaFreeView is free tool; you can see any Instagram posts without registrations. This tool also works in such way that it offer complete anonymity. InstaFreeView is Non-Private Profile Viewer app provide option to see any public profile post.

InstaGrab – Instagram Profile Post Downloader

InstaGrab – Instagram Profile Post Downloader

InstaGrab is next private Instagram viewer app that allow you to download Photos, Videos, IGTV, and Private posts from Instagram Profile. What make the tool great compare to other tools is that there is no human verification or survey involve in downloading any Posts from Instagram profile. You must enter the post URL to download the video or image rather than entering the profile name.

eyeZy – Instagram Spying Viewer

eyeZy is another Instagram spy viewer app is available now. App is new and work well for Instagram Monitoring and tracking. The app’s primary purpose is to track Instagram activity of other users. Parents use to keep an eye on their kids’ Instagram activity.

InstaHack By xMobi – Instagram Hack & Monitoring Tool

InstaHack By xMobi – Instagram Hack & Monitoring Tool

InstaHack by xMobi is available Instagram hacking and profile viewing tool. provide any Instagram profile name in search field to view profile post. Once it process, application let you activate so you can view all profile post of Instagram user.

One downside InstaHack is paid service, and need to purchase software to view private Instagram profiles. It would be great if the application shows some previews before purchasing software so that users can trust the application’s consistency. However, you can try same to view private Instagram posts.

Hoverwatch – Instagram Tracker App

Hoverwatch is another excellent Instagram tracking app help monitor other Instagram users’ Instagram activity. The app offers paid service to track all Instagram activities, including Instagram feed, direct messages, etc. Parent use this Hoverwatch to monitor their kids’ Instagram online activity by viewing Instagram post from their feeds.

mSpy – Instagram Monitoring Tool

mSpy is one popular Instagram tracking tool continuously monitor Instagram account and log activity. Tools are also more helpful as parental control to examine their kid’s online activity. mSpy Instagram tracker need to installed on target device, and parent has control that app and can monitor all Instagram activities from any other part.

Watch Insta – Private Instagram Profile Viewer

Watch Insta is simple private Instagram app that allows you to view personal Instagram account freely. It doesn’t require any do download. Go to website and click ‘Access private profile viewer.’ Then follow steps. One thing to remember you need to enter valid profile details to get something done.

IGLookup – View Private Instagram Account Online

IGLookup is instagram private profile viewer to get private profile photo. It is free tool, and no payment hidden to use service. Enter account’s user name wish to access and search for photos. The images will not visible. However, there is small download button for each search result. You can download pictures onto system.

LikeCreeper – View Private Instagram Profile Picture

LikeCreeper is another private Instagram profile viewer offer the feature to view personal Instagram profiles anonymously. The app is straightforward. Enter username and view the private account. The most disappointing part is that the app does not offer it without human verification.

InstaLooker – Private Instagram Viewer Without Survey

Without human verification, if you are looking for another way to view private Instagram account, then InstaLooker is the best option. It is free, easy-to-use tool to view personal Instagram profiles. This spy tool is safe.


Whenever browsing Instagram, you come across many private accounts, and things become pretty frustrating when you want to witness photos and videos of such profiles. Therefore, you have to request to follow those personal Instagram account to observe their content, and if the account holder doesn’t allow it, what would you do? No worries, folks, we are here to rescue you!

With our Private Instagram Profile Viewer tool, you can spy on any private account without following them. It doesn’t matter if you did this before or not. Hence, we will assist you thoroughly so you can access your personal Instagram profile.

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