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Story Instagram Anônimo: In this article, you can grab more information. About Story Instagram Anônimo when you watch an Instagram Story, the user who posted it will always notified of who watched their content. It is usually fine, but sometimes you might want to watch someone’s Instagram Stories without letting them know. This free, 100% private Instagram Story Viewer & Downloader let’s you discreetly and anonymously see videos, images, and more from anyone you are interested in. Now you can stay up on all latest information and posts without letting everyone on Instagram know what you’re up to!

The website allows you to view and download other people’s stories secretly and invisibly without appearing on Instagram’s viewer list. It’s free and unlimited; you don’t need to enter your Instagram password.

It work on any device connected to internet. In addition to watching everything from your mobile device or computer, you can download high-resolution photos and videos. If you’ve always wanted to view Instagram stories anonymously, this article is for you.

Anonymous Instagram Stories: How to see them in 2023

Anonymous Instagram Stories_ how to see them in 2023

1. See Instagram Stories Anonymously with iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, use the site mentioned above via browser or download a specific app on the App Store.

I will point out the ones that I consider to be best around now, but naturally, over time, I will keep the list updated always to advise you on best solution.

2. Inlook

This app’s graphic interface is minimal and, therefore, straightforward. Just write the username of the Instagram profile you want to view, and that’s it: the Stories to view anonymously and also the posts/reels will appear.

The strengths of this app are the following:

3. View Stories Anonymously

View Stories Anonymously


See Instagram profiles anonymously

Save Posts and Reels to your favorites

App customization: from the icon to the internal colors

The only flaw I have to point out is the advertising, which is little too insistent and sometimes annoying. If you use the app often, purchasing the Pro version is worth it.

4. Story Viewer

Story Viewer

This app is little more straightforward and more sparse in terms of the graphical interface, but what it’s supposed to do, it does well:

It immediately presents itself with a search bar through which you can search for the Instagram profile you want and view the Stories in total anonymity.

To be clear, you will not appear in the list of viewers, and no one will be able to know that you saw that specific Story.

Let’s see together what the pros of Story Viewer are :

Simple to use

Short advertisements in the free version

5. Viewing Stories anonymously without blocking

The inconvenience of these apps is always the advertising if you don’t want to switch to the Pro version. However, if it’s for some sporadic and occasional activity, you can arm yourself with patience and view the Stories like this.

However, if it is activity you want to do daily, purchasing  Pro version is advisable.

6. Blind Story

Blind Story

This app is popular among people due to its exceptional features. Some of these features include allowing user to view Instagram Stories anonymously and even download Story. Note that user can do all of this in HD. This app is easy to navigate, allowing user to view content from people they follow. More so, you effortlessly search for specific user if you are looking for particular person. It is vital to note that the free version is limited. It means you must purchase premium subscription to use all the fantastic features. So you can find this app available on iOS and Android. Have you ever researched how you can view Instagram stories anonymously?

7. Instagram Anonymous Story Viewer

Another way to view Instagram stories without others knowing is with the Instagram Anonymous Story Viewer website, which you can use completely free. It works very similar to the previous alternative, with a text box on the main page where you must enter the user name you want to search for.

Apps and Websites to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Apps and Websites to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Another method to view Instagram stories without them knowing is to use one of the many applications created for this reason. Before seeing what tools you have, you should know two details to consider. First, the account whose stories you want to see anonymously must be public since Instagram very well protects those that are private. Secondly, web pages and applications intended for this task usually blocked for not respecting Instagram’s usage policy.

You can rest assured that you have the following options to view Instagram stories without being seen, as we have verified that all of them are active.

Anonymous Instagram Stories: Viewer

1. What is an anonymous viewer?

Discreet or anonymous viewing means looking at an Instagram user’s stories without appearing on the “seen list.”

2. Will the viewer work on my phone?

It sure will! It is online web tool, meaning you can use it on device with internet connection, including PCs, tablets, and Android and iPhone devices.

3. Does the website collect my data?

Not! We don’t track user actions or download history. Only search history and favorites list will be saved in browser (to improve experience)

4. Does the website store photos or videos?

No. All media is property of its respective owner and is hosted on Instagram’s servers.

5. What file format supported for downloading photos and videos?

Videos can save in MP4, while photos can save in JPEG


All you have to do is read this article and choose app that best suits your needs. We provide some of the best apps for watching Instagram stories anonymously. You can use this website from any device: mobile phone, computer, tablet. You know, you have to write the user’s name to have the latest stories they have published at clearance.

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