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Global – Globalization has become unprofitable. Real competition between centers of power begins – China and the Western world

In the period after the Second World War, when crises also arose in the centers of the West and the East, it was clear what was happening. This process has ended, and now globalization is unprofitable. We find ourselves in a situation of the beginning of competition between centers of power – China and its satellites and the Western world. Most likely, the process of forming a bipolar world is now underway, but on a different basis – with the East significantly and still significantly with the West. It is good for Russia if a bipolar world is being formed. This means that a certain order will come again.

How does this relate to economics? Badly. Due to the fact that globalization has brought certain benefits, just look at the rate of economic growth and the level of well-being of the population in many countries. Now this is being replaced by attempts to get some benefits not from globalization, but from blocking. Will this give a good result? For the global economy, no. Most likely, there will be very low growth rates. But for some players there will be a benefit, but it is still difficult to calculate.

What about global trends?


The report, 10 Megatrends Shaping Our Future, predicts that the world will soon witness an accelerated shift from traditional resources to the use of future materials. The latest digital technologies will be used to create materials with properties similar to natural materials. These new materials represent the next frontier of the fifth industrial revolution. New materials and industrial resources will meet our future needs.


Data dissemination will reach the limits of practical application. The introduction of new privacy rules will also limit the process. Opportunities will lie in new, more efficient uses of existing data applied to new business models. Digital trade in goods and services represents the next frontier in the profitable use of data, enhanced by greater sharing of aggregated data across industries and countries, enabling more significant economic growth.


The third global trend in the report highlights the need to strengthen digital security and technology infrastructure as the number of people and machines connected to the Internet increases. A Cisco report predicts that 2024 there will be 5.3 billion internet users (two-thirds of the world’s population) with 3.6 devices per capita.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global cyber insurance market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25.7% and reach $63.62 billion by 2029. According to Accenture, online hacking scams more than doubled between 2020 and 2022.


The International Energy Agency said global energy investment will rise even further, reaching $2.4 trillion in value in 2022. Carbon-based energy will remain an essential element in the energy mix, but investment growth is likely to be driven almost entirely by renewables and decarbonization technologies.

The International Energy Agency also revealed that solar PV is projected to account for 60% of global renewable energy capacity, with utility-scale projects accounting for nearly two-thirds of total PV expansion in 2022.


The report also notes that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) auditing will continue to become increasingly important. Investors, regulators, and rating agencies demand that large corporations play their part in protecting the environment. Historically, Europe has led the way, but Asian and American markets are catching up. Companies are working not only to reduce their carbon footprint but to eliminate it.


Global health concerns since 2020 have accelerated the trend of trade, remittances, and jobs being managed through apps. This trend is likely to intensify and draw millions into the gig economy. Beyond the traditional realms of business and finance, economic trends find echoes in unexpected corners of modern life, including the entertainment industry. The Money Train 2 slot, a popular online casino game, encapsulates this synergy.

Business models based on fast access are emerging all over the world. The global short-term contract market is projected to grow by almost a third to $455 billion in 2023, according to a case study titled “The Gig Economy – The Economic Foundation of the Future?”

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