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What are the Steps for 1 Divided by 6?

1 Divided by 6: Through the process of computing 1 divided by 6 using long division, step-by-step, with thorough explanations.

Before moving forward, keep in mind that the integers in equation 1 divided by 6 have the following definitions:

1 = dividend
6 = divisor

Steps for 1 Divided by 6

Steps for 1 Divided by 6

Step 1:

Start by arranging it so that dividend 1 is on the right side and divisor 6 is on the left:

6 ⟌ 1

Step 2:

The dividend’s initial digit, (1), is entered by the divisor (6) 0 times (s). Hence, place 0 at the top:

6 ⟌ 1

Step 3:

Write the result below the dividend after multiplying the divisor by the outcome from the preceding step (6 x 0 = 0).

6 ⟌ 1

Step 4:

Write the solution below by subtracting the outcome of the previous step from the dividend’s first digit (1 – 0 = 1).

6 ⟌ 1
– 0

You’re done now.

The top number is the solution, and the remaining value is the bottom.

So, when 1 divided by 6 is calculated using long division, the result is:


1 Remainder

What is Division in Math?

What is Division in Math?

  • Multiplication is the opposite of division. If 3 groups of 4 add up to 12, then 12 divided into 3 groups of equal size results in 4 in each group.
  • The division’s primary objective is to create equal groups or determine how many people are in each group after a fair distribution.
  • In the scenario above, you would need to place four donuts in each group to divide 12 donuts into three similar groups. Thus, 12 divided by 3 will result in the number 4.

Unique Names for Numbers in Division Equations

In a division equation, each component has a unique name.

Dividend: The dividend is the number divided in the division course.

Divisor: However, the amount by which the dividend is divided is termed the divisor.

Quotient: A result of the division operation is the quotient.

Remainder: Sometimes, we cannot divide things exactly. There might be an extra number. The remainder is the amount that is left over.

These four components’ relationship to one another might be stating as follows:

  • Dividend = Divisor x Quotient + Remainder
  • To determine whether the response is accurate, use this formula, often known as the division formula.
  • For illustration, split 16 by 3. There will be 1 left over.
  • Here, the dividend is 16, the divisor is 3, the quotient is 5, and the rest is 1.

So, 16 = 3 × 5 + 1

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