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Top 5 Greatest Island Movies To Rewatch This Winter

Many people dream of being on a desert island. And when it’s cold and snowy outside we not only enjoy drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows, watching “Home Alone” or gambling cryptocasinos-au.com, but feel nostalgic about warm weather and summer vacation. Here are 5 interesting island movies to get through winter blues!

“Six Days, Seven Nights” (1998)

This is an action-adventure movie about the life of two unfortunate people, Quinn (Harrison Ford) and Robin (Quinn Harris) who quite by accident found themselves on the island. In the story, a small airplane crashes right over the sea, and the pilot, along with the only female passenger, finds himself on a deserted island.

At first, they try to signal to the big land, but all the instruments fail. Then they just start waiting for someone to rescue them. Soon a ship appears on the horizon, and the excited islanders run towards it, but it turns out that pirates have decided to visit this godforsaken place. A woman and a man, who recently almost hated each other, will have to unite and learn to interact and live together. And what it can grow into, the audience will learn.

“The Blue Lagoon” (1980)

Jungle, sea, tropical fruits… all this is so romantic! And the island movie “The Blue Lagoon” proves this. The plot is quite simple but still interesting. And it all began not very rosy. A large cruise ship crashed in the ocean and survived only an experienced sailor and two children: a boy Richard, and a girl Emmeline. The man taught the young inhabitants of the island everything that can be useful in life in such extreme conditions.

And after his death, the children realized that they were left completely alone. They began to get closer, and gradually their friendship grew into something more. And although disagreements and quarrels occurred, they were always followed by reconciliations. And as the heroes grew up, feelings intensified and turned into sincere and pure love. Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins starred in this film.

“The Beach” (2000)

Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a freelance traveler from America. Like other representatives of his generation, he dreams of an easy and better life. In search of adventure, he goes to Thailand and meets a man there who tells him about a distant island. On it marijuana is not forbidden and grows like ordinary grass, and on the beach lives a commune in which there are no prohibitions. After receiving a map of this mysterious paradise, Richard and a few other Frenchmen set off for the island, towards a new life and pleasures. But will all that be promised be waiting for them there? Or was the invitation just a decoy?

“Survival Island” (2005)

Newlyweds Jack (Billy Zane) and Jennifer (Kelly Brook) go to sea on a luxury yacht during their honeymoon. But in a few days, the ship is wrecked, and the couple and the young sailor Manuel (Juan Pablo Di Pace) find themselves on the shore of an unknown island, in complete isolation from the big land. But Jack can not take care of his spouse, and this duty takes on a more adapted to extreme conditions Manuel.

The girl not only appreciated such care but also realized that she felt a real wild passion for the guy. Naturally, her husband Jack did not like it at all, and because of the strongest jealousy, he turns into a real monster, ready for anything to once again fully possess his beloved. But Manuel also decides to fight. But where will this struggle lead to in the end? And what will Jennifer decide to do?

“Life of Pi” (2012)

Do you like adventures? Then you will like this movie! Piscine Molitor “Pi” Patel (Suraj Sharma) is an Indian boy and the son of a zoo owner. India is a beautiful country, but the family still decided to move to the United States. The ship crashed and only Pi and a few animals managed to survive: an orangutan, a hyena, a tiger, and a zebra. The open sea is dangerous, and a confrontation begins between the passengers.

The tiger is especially dangerous, for he is ruled only by his instincts and hunger. All the supplies run out, but luckily the dinghy is nailed to an island. But is it salvation or new danger? This story is told by the already elderly Pi, and he sometimes can not remember what happened.

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