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Imginn is ultimately online platform that allow users to download Instagram posts, stories, videos, avatars, and other content. It provides suitable way to access and save Instagram media without trusting specially on Instagram app. Users search for specific Instagram profiles or content, and ImgInn provides user-friendly interface to explore and download desired content. However, it’s important to note that ImgInn is third-party service, and caution should exercise when sharing personal information or networking with platform.

Imginn.com allow you to use Instagram without signing up for Instagram account. It does require Facebook account. It will mean that we need to set up additional charge for business. Signing up for it might useful if you only post few pictures daily.

A real Instagram account will allow to upload more than 10 image per day. You also get 50 photo credit month when you sign up to this app. Any credit left at end of each month get roll over to additional days at no cost.

How Can I Use Imginn?

How Can I Use Imginn?

It is simple to use. Users view any public profile of Instagram celebrity or models. Follow these simple step to view public profiles of Instagram models and celebrities.

  • Open web browser.
  • In browser search bar, type “imginn.”
  • For more suitability and optimize search result, you also search Google by opening Google first.
  • Open first link (https://imginn.org/) after ads. It will contain URL of Imginn website
  • Once website loads, you’ll see search bar.
  • Then, enter Instagram public account that wishes to view stories or post, then press Search.
  • If you will see their Instagram account. However, view their stories secretly.

What is Imginn Instagram Downloader?

  1. In addition that, you search for any user profile on Imginn and view pictures or videos without restrictions.
  2. Further, Publicly shared Instagram images and videos instantly downloaded to your desired device.
  3. Most of you might be follower of influencers on Instagram. Therefore, famous influencer generally hide their profile and do not allow people to access them without you becoming their friend.
  4. With Imginn, you easily view and download the public picture to device.
  5. You can download stories, photo, and videos on mobile or desktop computer. Imginn give you tool to download Instagram users’ content.

Is Imginn Secure or not?

Is Imginn Secure or not?

We can’t be sure because Imginn is third-party online platform. We don’t guarantee online safety, and Imginn does not guarantee online security if you are browsing this website and are concern about online safety.

Imginn is the website that uses Instagram’s public API to power all its features. It uses Instagram’s official public API, but we’re unsure about its security.

Is Imginn Capable of Hacking Data?

Depending on your usage, you are undoubtedly vulnerable to hacking. We use various tools to review this site online because of those with a deficient security rating. When you visit this website, something strange happen. The website lack all of owner’s details and information. There is no privacy statement, only simple UI for viewing Instagram profiles.

Is ImgInn Safe to Use?

When using ImgInn, it’s essential to consider the safety aspect. While ImgInn provides platform for downloading Instagram content, exercising caution and alert of particular factors is crucial.

First of all, ImgInn is third-party service, and using any third-party service involve some risk.

Additionally, online ads on ImgInn website are concern. Advertisement lead to external website or potentially display misleading content. It’s essential to avoid clicking on suspicious ads to minimize potential risks.

Following general online safety practices recommended to ease potential security risk. These include using strong, unique passwords for account, being cautious about personal information you share online, and regularly monitoring account for any unusual activity.

Does Imginn Work for Downloading Instagram Photos?

It cannot monitor private account. It cannot see personal accounts’ story or posts. It only view stories, photos, and videos posted by public statement. It doesn’t allow users to post image or video to post.

Because it uses a third-party website, we cannot guarantee safety online. If you surf this website, we can’t ensure protection online. This third-party website uses Instagram’s public API to access all its features. It use Instagram’s API public API but we aren’t sure if it’s safe.

The website says all data translated, but we can’t verify that. We suggest you use VPN when use it.

The website is free to use, but we don’t know how long it will stay that way. It start charging user future. The website has ads, but they are not disturbing. You close them by clicking the ‘x’ in corner of the ad.

How do you Use Imginn to Save Entire Story?

Many user struggle to save full story of their favorite content creator because they can’t save them all. Users find it difficult to track their favorite accounts, as there aren’t any direct links to keep whole stories. They don’t receive new content notification and cannot follow daily.

We’ll gather Instagram timelines even if they aren’t in collection. Help you ensure that every update is notice.

How to Delete/Remove the ImgInn Account

How to Delete_Remove the ImgInn Account

  • To remove your account from ImgInn, follow these steps:
  • Scroll down to bottom of the section of the ImgInn webpage.
  • Locate and click on “Remove Account” option.
  • Enter the URL of Instagram account in designated field.
  • Provide your email address in suitable input field.
  • Finally, click the “Submit” link to initiate account removal or deletion process.
  • By following these steps, you can request account removal from ImgInn. Allow required processing time, and rest assured that account handled accordingly. (https://www.genusinnovation.com)

The account removal process can take several days. Account will progress and finally remove from ImgInn’s system during this time.


People who use Instagram without creating an account typically want to maintain security. The service’s owner does not want Facebook to have direct exposure to any of their private details. If you reduce social media usage, not having an Instagram profile can help.

Even though Instagram allows us to have some of its characteristics by providing helpful API, Imginn is still limited in its capabilities. It has several potentials, but there are some limitations to using this website. To post photos or videos from mobile phone, install the imginn app on phone, and then open the application where you can upload Image files or videos directly from camera or smartphone.

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