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Safeunlocks.com – Security and its Method

Safeunlocks.com: Most people buy phones on contract and want to unlock them when their contract ends, or they want to switch carriers. The biggest problem with unlocking phone is that process can be very complicated and time-consuming and might not even work.



SafeUnlocks removes the pain of unlocking device by making whole process as simple as possible. Your device is opened for you within minute using our automatic service, which means you don’t need technical knowledge about how cell phones work to get an unlock code from us! Our price is also unbeatable, only $1 per phone! If you have question, contact our customer support team, who will guide through every step until your device is unlocked successfully!

SafeUnlocks offers Various Unlocking Methods.

We support most devices, and whether you have iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch with iCloud Lock (Also known as Locked to Owner Screen) or Android Phone that’s locked to Carrier or FRP doesn’t matter. SafeUnlocks can take Lock away from your device, making it usable again. We can deliver Unlocking Instructions to the machine using our Tweaked Over-The-Air Update mechanism or OTA Update. On the other hand, we also offer USSD Codes to unlock Devices for good! Using SafeUnlocks can expect Permanent, Reliable, and Safe Unlock.

Our iCloud Activation Lock Removal

Our iCloud Activation Lock Removal

This security feature prevent users from using their device as Email and Password from the “Previous Owner” required to access the device. Get rid of the activation lock, also known as “iPhone lock to owner”. It is common issue that thousands of user face daily while trying to use their iOS device.

On many occasions, users forget their password after leaving the device unused for certain period of time. This is usually most common situation and removing it can be headache. Luckily, SafeUnlocks has developed Online unlocking tool that remove the iPhone lock to owner within minutes.

Our unlock is made by creating a dummy ID link to your device, granting access to locked iOS device. This dummy ID does not contain private information and will ensure full unlock device.

It is permanent unlock and will not affect device’s guarantee, meaning you can take iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple Watch repair in case phone needs warranty repair by Apple.

Timestamped Summary

00:00 You can unlock your phone’s network lock using the safeunlocks.com online tool without downloading software.

00:48 In any country, in just 10 minutes, by using the synced on the device, unlock your phone from any carrier

01:38 Enter your information, including device model and IMEI number, on the website to unlock your phone for a $1 fee.

02:50 Get a membership ID to unlock your phone, follow the tutorial, and sign up to complete the process.

03:26 Get your T Mobile network unlock code by signing up for membership and verifying your membership ID through email.

04:10 Click the start order button to activate the unlock process without needing a code or computer knowledge.

04:27 Wait for the confirmation email; then your device will fully unlock to use any provider worldwide.

05:00 Enter the sim card, remove the network lock from your device by going to safeonlogs.com.


1. The best thing about it

The best thing about SafeUnlocks.com is that their services are affordable and reliable. They have a high success rate and offer money-back guarantee if they cannot unlock your iPhone. Their top-notch customers support is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.

2. Unlock Your Phone’s Network with SafeUnlocks – No Downloads Needed

TLDR: You can quickly unlock your phone’s network lock using the safeunlocks.com online tool without downloading any software, allowing you to use device with any carrier worldwide.

3. Is SafeUnlocks.com a Real or Fake iCloud Unlock service?

However, I have seen mixed reviews and need to know if anyone successfully removed this iCloud activation lock using this iCloud Unlock Service. Can you please tell me if SafeUnlocks.com is legitimate? Their iCloud Unlock Service was supposed to remove the “iPhone Locked To Owner Message” on my iPhone XR.


Overall, I highly recommend SafeUnlocks.com for anyone looking to unlock their iPhone or any other mobile device. Their website is easy to use, their service are affordable and reliable, and their customer support is excellent. If you’re looking for a trustworthy unlocking service, SafeUnlocks.com is worth considering.

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